Brian Boetel portrait in front of treeCredentials

  • State of Indiana Certified Massage Therapist
  • National Certification (MBLeX)
  • Graduate of Cortiva Institute, Chicago, Illinois, with highest academic distinction
  • BSBA Valparaiso University

Early Background

Brian Boetel has lived in Valparaiso since age two.  He has a passion for basketball, coached AAU basketball, and has been an official for the last 30 years.  Brian has two sons, Drew and Bret, who share in their father’s passion for basketball.

After earning a degree in business administration, Brian briefly pursued a career in teaching special ed students, before becoming a full-time massage therapist.

A Passion for Massage Therapy

At an early age, Brian learned the benefits of massage from his family. His grandmother gave him back massages whenever he visited, and Brian’s mother taught him foot massage as a way to alleviate headaches. When he made the decision to leave teaching, he was excited to focus on his career in massage therapy.  It was only natural to take what he already knew and enjoyed doing, and use that as a way to help others.

While attending Cortiva Institute of Massage Therapy in Chicago, Brian realized he has a special affinity for “therapeutic” massage. After working a few years, Brian noted many clients exhibited persistent chronic pain patterns. He researched ways to give these clients relief that would last longer than a day or two after massage. This led him to the Science of Massage Institute (SOMI), based in Phoenix, AZ, where he received his medical massage certification in December of 2019.

Since then, Brian’s primary practice involves utilizing this knowledge to interrupt the body’s pain patterns, often resulting in more long term relief for the client. Self-care modalities are incorporated into the therapy session as well. Clients are often surprised at the results. Brian enjoys interacting with clients, sharing his skills, and observing the positive changes people experience.

“Brian is a consummate professional, and exactly the type of person I had in mind when I wrote my book. I want consumers to be educated in what to look for in wellness professionals and how to greatly benefit from these valuable offerings. I guide consumers in how to find the true professionals, to pay attention to how they conduct their business, and most important, to assess the professional’s philosophy and attitude as a helping professional. Brian scores 100% in every category. I wholeheartedly recommend him as a practitioner and his services.”

Marijo Puleo, PhD. Author of “How to Choose an Energy Healer: What to Look For in an Energy Practitioner”

Personal Interests

In his free time, Brian enjoys golfing and spending time with his wife Eileen, enjoying the outdoors, hiking, and traveling.

Benefits of Massage Therapy

Whether a client wants to simply relax, or needs some relief from specific “hot spots”, massage therapy can provide a wealth of positive health benefits.

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